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Kez Wickham St George
Essence - Kez Wickham St George


Essence has been sitting quietly in the Authors heart waiting for the right time to share with you. March 2022 felt right. A small Soirée in a private gathering will attend the launch of Essence. Essence began as the author found herself as first an empty nester. Emotions and memories of her young family pushing her pen to paper than as a Grey Nomad. Her many travels taking her around the South Pacific islands to Europe & Asia. The authors emotions raw & vulnerable as she leaves her heartland. Her many friends made on her travels. It also honours those who she once shared a smile with, till they meet again. A 5 stare read for everyone. To be Purchased from MMHPress.

Kez Wickham St George

Metal Mermaid

A story of a woman who loved, lived and learnt caravaning in the outback.

Sit around the metaphorical campfire with author Kez Wickham St George as she brings you on an unexpected journey throughout the pages of Metal Mermaid. This natural born story teller will share tales from experiences and stories shared on her travels around Australia and New Zealand.

Scribe - Kez Wickham St George


The trilogy is finished, the 3rd a powerful book of how we often learn about the roller coaster of human emotions.

When Tara the lead character finds herself battling illness and snowstorms in the far South Island if New Zealand.

When she is called a catalyst for what she is being asked to do, that is die. “the world is in state of great change” she is told “We the greater good ask you to Scribe for the deceased, those who have not told their stories before they passed over.

The Cry of Morrow - Kez Wickham St George

The Cry of Morrow

Once the book Scribe was put into the publishers, Kez the Author felt it had something more important to say.

Kez is happy to announce the prologue of the book Scribe is to be made into a short movie by Lyrical Infusions.

To be released in early 2022 to the public and being placed on an International platform to be shown internationally.

For more information on release date please go to this website early 2022.

The Cuppa Tree - Kez Wickham St George

The Cuppa Tree

A story of a woman who lived loved and learned caravaning in the outback.

Sit around the metaphorical campfire with author Kez Wickham St George as she brings you on an unexpected journey throughout the pages of The Cuppa Tree. This natural-born storyteller will share tales from experiences and stories shared on her travels around Australia.

Are you ready to go on a nomadic adventure in The Cuppa Tree?

The Colours of Me - Kez Wickham St George

The Colours of Me

The Colours of Me is a multi national contribution of 18 authors, each one sharing her empowering and inspirational story.
This book was the inspiration of Kez Wickham St George & co authored by Michelle Weitering.

This is Kez’s 2nd Anthology, her belief is strength is gained with a tribe of likeminded people.

To be involved in the wide international community of writers is to honour their craft as authors.

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The first book of the paranormal series, from the 18th century, Sorcha a young herbalist who discovers how to birth a breech babe with ease. Using oils and local herbs, but was classed as a witch, by the overlord and his wife of the village. Shunned by those she had helped to cure in her village. Sorcha suffered a terrible injustice in her short life on earth. Sorcha pleads for her story to be told through the 21st century Tara the chosen conduit.

A book written with passion for the unjust & shamed of the herbal world in the 18th century .

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Indigo child

The second book in the paranormal series Scribe chronicles Indigo child.

Tara finds she has become the conduit for another troubled spirit. A story of adventure of heartache and of a South Pacific Paradise.

That holds deep dark terror, secrets of a world we as humans no nothing about. Then Tara meets the Indigo’s underwater spirits wants nothing more than to destroy her life here on earth. Her protector and spirit guide Tanby steps in to protect Tara and wage war on this unholy island.

Book Cover - Tanby


Tanby the last of the Paranormal scribe Chronicles. 
20 years has past, Tara the lead character has passed away, the way she dies still a mystery the international police have only one
small parcel of diary’s to give her daughter Rae.

As Rae reads through them she realises its a cry for help from her mum Tara, to unravel the mystery of her death. To begin this task Rae must say good by to her family In England, where she has lived for many years, Go back home to Australia to Rockingham WA and the farm her mum Tara once owned in Pinjarra.

Her Australian childhood also beckons, the good times of being a young one on these far off shores. What Rae does not know there is danger in every footstep she takes once she first steps onto the land of her childhood. The spirit world wants to hide the truth, it’s Rae’s job to uncover exactly what happened to Tara and also to the spirit guide  Tanby.

All books may also be purchased directly from the author.
Send an email to [email protected].

International Author

About Kez Wickham St George

We are all Unique Walking Stories Just Waiting to be Told.

Kez Wickham St George, an award winning #1 best seller, has a determination to support people from diverse backgrounds in bringing out the best in their creative side.

Widely travelled, her experience and expansive authorship encourages you to think outside the box. She has a high calibre of leadership skills, and a pioneer in what authors can be and do in this digital world.

Kez has written work with two royal families in the UK and Sweden, has co compiled an anthology on the lives of 18 varied women internationally, plus penned many books, lately a trilogy, poem and quote, and an anthology with MMH Press. A movie made from the prologue her last novel, Scribe, shown in theatres across Australia was a dream come true.

Kez is a popular co-host with a global Tv station, ToniTv, where you are placed before an audience of 1.6 million viewers and listeners, championing businesses of all genre. ToniTv not only inspires but educates with her weekly guests.

Kez has a passion for personal development where women’s access to resources globally is concerned. She is a leader in her profession, a public speaker and accomplished author in many magazines, such as eYs Magazing, Honeybee and Consious Living.

Kez is passionate about an education for women, believing this is the key to equality. She formed an affiliation with Annie Gibbons, an amazing entrepreneur who also believes in these values and has created an online educational system for women.

Kez encourages all to express themselves in some form of art no matter the genre.

One of her favourite quotes is be seen, be heard, be known.

Kez Wickham St George

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Happy Readers

Book Cover - Poetry Book

By Kez Wickham St George


Entwined is an international poetry & short story book.

A book that had long been waiting to be published, but had not yet found the right time to do so, as Kez felt timing was the key. So the poems & stories had stayed in a small white suitcase at the back of a wardrobe. However In December 2018 the author Kez Wickham St George was invited to accompany the Global Sister City Committee of Rockingham WA, to travel to Ako Japan as an arts ambassador.

Her strong belief that art & culture of all genre’s can bring people together, was gratified when she met an artist Gotto Jin. Who agreed to place some art to Kez’s stories. With a handshake the book Entwined took shape. It was then gifted to the council of Ako Japan & Rockingham council. Kez also acknowledges her small team of volunteer’s that helped this book become as welcome and beautiful as it has.

Lacey Greaves local Rockingham artist. Carolyn McAndrew publisher Picardie press. Michiko Sato translator.

Children’s Books

Book Cover - Sorcha

Peli the Pelican and Friends

Peli the Pelican and friends is a popular children’s book that has received many accolades, it is set in Rockingham Perth WA against Perth’s beautiful white beaches and bluest of oceans around Penguin Island a local tourist spot. Peli decides against his parent’s warnings to try his small wings and fly higher than he had ever done before. But when a storm closes in Peli has to find land and fast. Peli is lost and so frightened, that is until his friends Sammy Seal and Patty Penguin find him. Peli the Pelican is now being read by two Royal families, the HR in England and the HR of Denmark, plus the Prime Minster of New Zealand Jacinta Arden. So popular it’s in a 3rd edition and already looking at a fourth in 2019. It is also accompanied with a jig saw and audio disc. These can be ordered from the author.

Book Cover - Indigo Child

Sea Pea

The story of Elsie the seaweed picker and her extraordinary find on a deserted North Island beach of New Zealand. As Elsie searches for exotic shells washed up after a storm. She stumbles upon the most precious treasure Elsie has ever seen. A Baby Mermaid who Elsie calls Seapea. Elsie knows this magical creature will not survive out of the sea, but has no idea what do to with this beautiful baby Mermaid.

Jigsaws and audio discs accompany this book. Please contact author.

All books may also be purchased directly from the author.
Send an email to [email protected].


With my writing, I use my own experiences, plus the tales told by others I’ve encountered during my extensive travels, to and around many different countries, as the inspiration for my romance thrillers, that I’ve become so recognised for.

– Kez Wickham St George


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"Was most impressed with Kez Wickham St George's services, her kindness, professionalism and expediency to assist me in being the very first reader of my soon to be published book 'Awakening My Spiritual Heart'. Felt very supportively held by her. Thank you Kez. Infinite Love and Gratitude to you."

– Mandi

"A special shout out to my mentor and friend Kez Wickham St George. This wonderful lady is giving up her time to mentor me through the difficult business of writing my first tween novel and it is A LOT harder than I first thought - you have a lot of patience. Thank you so much for your help in getting me closer to my dream of being a published author."

– Hannah, Perth

"I am honored to welcome Kez Wickham St George as a Guest Speaker, I personally find Kez has that much needed ability to be her self,. An Internationally published Author for some fifteen years; she has co authored with European author Catherine Boughton in her book Poetry & Prose. And facilitated a poetry book between Ako Japan & Rockingham Perth as the Author of Entwined. She has been recognised for her children's stories by the Royal family Kensington palace. The Royal family of Denmark Sweden, and Jacinta Arden New Zealand's Prime minister."

– Rilla, Perth

"Huge Congratulations to Kez Wickham St George - International published Author! Kez draws on international inspiration to create phenomenal stories and poetry. Her efforts are encouraging greater understanding of the Creative Arts throughout the Pacific, including direct exchanges between Perth and Japan. Kez has gifted to many the art of writing and poetry combining this with a practise called Flow art. Promoting self care in all ways, Kez has a belief that to share your gifts is the way to live your life."

– Robert, Brisbane

"Kez has been my Mentor for past six months, the patience she has shown towards me is amazing. Kez has a knowledge of storytelling that shows she is a true professional, but also a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be tapped. I have found her encouragement to be a writer nothing but joyful as she seems to cup you in safety. I love the way When im about to pull my hair out, she says 'stop & breath, this is your story, honour yourself first, then write."

– Monica, North Queensland

"I LOVE that Kez mentioned the quotes. I put a lot of thought into those. All female and all mapped to the chapter 'lesson'. I also end each chapter withy own quote. I also LOVE that she commented about me being just a person ..'if she can you can' - that was EXACTLY a point I was trying to make - very insightful of the reviewer. Thank you Kez."

Sonja Bernhardt, OAM Author

"I really enjoy working with Kez. She provides insightful feedback to enrich and strengthen my story, while respecting the essence of what I am portraying."

Sonee Singh, Author

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MMH PRESS INTERVIEW Interview with author Kez Wickham St George

Toni Lontis presents Toni TV with Kez Wickham St George

Kez Wickham St George

Kez Wickham St George is the driver of her own creativity and her passion is to inspire and nurture others to tell their stories.

Her values are simple; when you touch a heart; we can change a life. By encouraging you to write or journal her belief is, it will only add value to your life. Kez is a Fem-preneur that strongly believes in the power of the written word. To assist other women in their journey to become who they want to be by interviewing on RadioToni.

This platform is not for only authors but artists of all genres. Conversations with Kez Toniradio is a live stream interactive radioToni is a multiple live streaming TV radio show.

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