White Wahine


Your only thought is to run away and hide, so that you can never be found. If you are found out you will be violently abused, tortured, if not killed. No one can help you, because it’s all happening inside the home, its being called a domestic dispute, so there’s no one to come and assist you. The hurt is living inside you, for the sake of your children you hang in there, hoping that with the passing of each day, you can take one more step, one more action, that will eventually be the well thought out plan that others believe you have had in the back of your mind all along.

White Wahine is not only a story of escape, a love story and a modern day insurgency, against the misogynistic or patriarchal system women in all cultures are being asked to fight against, if they are to bring a sense of balance to the world… finally.

It is also a story of the paranormal, of events that cannot be explained and that can not be ignored as we navigate our way through this physical plane.


Gently, slowly, I passed through soft layers of silky clouds, no longer with shape or form, but a small kernel of light, still with the senses of sight and sound, I lingered on the fringe of a storm, the grey clouds swirling around me like a Crones cape of dark mystery, watched in awe as blinding blue green and orange light flicked its angry tongue across the sky, its voice a sizzling crackle, ending in a deep booming roar. I watched a rainbow form, its colours so vibrant it stained the sky with a mauve fingerprint of a promise once given in a holy testament. I watched as the Dawn sun spread its tangerine petticoat over the earth, its yellowed fingers painting the tops of snow-capped mountains with gold. I felt part of all I witnessed, for me, there was no time, no limit, no demands, I was simply allowed to be.

In wonder I watched as the sky turned the deepest ink blue, the cosmos of planets soaring above and beyond. The Aurora wrapped around me like a multi coloured shawl its colours of green yellow and mauve, lifting me up in its billowing waves, leading me onwards. Earth shimmered in deep greens and azure blues, I was amongst an essay of colour so vibrant there is no description. A feeling of being called shivered through me, on I travelled, who I once was had melted away, the timeless silence surrounding me, my spirit soared free of all claims to what I had once been, free of any trauma or earthly hindrances we all share on earth, free of any human traits….


The Book White Wahine was thought of in 2008 while travelling around Western Australia, it had been rattling around in my head for a long time, as we drove short cryptic notes were jotted down, but mostly what i had to say where written in my mind.

What brought it to purpose was meeting an older women in Victoria who said to me you ‘my friend have a book to write’, my answer was ‘yes i have’ it was said with a cynics humour. Her answer was snapped out “No! Your book will show others that this life is not it, there is more to this life, we are not here for any random reason we are here to gain experience, how else would God experience the emotional side of life on earth if not through us, we are part of a much bigger plan than we mortals even acknowledge”.

 It was the beacon I needed to write, the note books i had scribbled on now becoming storehouses of information. At night Kez would write in the quite hour of dusk or early hour of pre dawn, carefully wording each and every experience.

 It has been three years and many experiences to keep on writing this book, each lesson, each experience adding to my belief that we are here on a mission of our choice. Allowing each and every memory to erupt then disappear leaving no trace of anger. But to allow each lesson to be part of every  experience we allow ourselves to be involved in, knowing only you can look back and see growth, knowing only you can change it.  Kez-Web

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