The Cuppa Tree

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Tara has wanted to follow her dreams, to be back on the road in the outback once more. Once her family are cared for, Tara drives off into the fine red dust of the Northern Territory, adventure takes over her life, along the way collecting stories of other Grey Nomads she also collects a young Joey, A Kiwi Bloke who wont take no for an answer, Her beloved grandson Jess joins her at last on the road, enjoying each others company, Tara spends a night in jail, her vehicle catches fire leaving her stranded in the desert, meets up with a wandering Ghost, sets up camp with a Quaker family, experiences an underground in Coober Pedy, experiences the beauty of the painted desert, the adventures roll in fast, until one day she knows its time to go home, the billabongs and deserts, the green bush and blackened dead forests of fires long gone, all Vie for her attention, But its home in Perth where her heart belongs. This novel is one of adventure, love and laughs, plus an emotional Journey of the heart, learning to trust another with your heart.


It was then the stench that hit me, I gagged as it oiled down my nose into my throat, the smell of a long drop toilet, used by thousands of happy campers a year and I was parked almost on top of it, my stomach gave up the struggle retching up my afternoon tea, then I lost all hope of containing anything at all, the toilet was obviously full, as I went to move away my feet made an awful sucking sound, I was standing in poo up to tops my sneakers, mosquitoes screamed all around on me, on my bare legs, arms and face. Slapping the damned things away I felt my foot start to slip, there was nowhere to hang onto, my safety haven was parked a good three feet away, too far for leap of faith, I knew if I moved I would end up in big pile of poo, I was going down and I knew it, my one possible exit was to try to slide my feet in the pooey slime, across the space till I could hold onto my cab door, it worked, I was safe yahoo. One small slide step to victory, yes almost touching the door handle, slosh! Down I went with a wail of disgust.

I was covered in public poo; it was in my hair, on my face, clothes and legs. It stunk so bad I was now retching non-stop; it was even up my nose. Only one thing I could do, stripping of every piece of clothing I had on, bra, panties, shoes, it all came off each piece thrown onto the ground, I sat on my little doorstep sobbing with humiliation, I was totally nude in a public camping ground, retching my gut up, wiping off the muck hanging off me as best I could with my hand. Poo now caked inside my fingers and toe nails, there was no other way I could get rid of the stuff, it clung to me and brown toilet paper was sticking to my legs. My wails of despair attracted my camping neighbour, who realizing I was in dire straits, he got his wife to see if I was alright, she stood as far away as possible, flicking a torch over me, a rag over her nose and mouth…….


Once again Tara feels that familiar call to get back on the road once again, her family had needed help once she had arrived back from her first trip, after a year Tara feels she has done all she can do, with the help of her close mates, she finds the vehicle to carry on with her journey, excitement rolls around in Tara’s stomach, as the day she departs looms closer. With her is her Kiwi Bloke Gordi, a man who wont take No for an answer. Tara also deals with the publisher of her first novel, this man has done real damage by his unprofessional dishonest behaviour to her status in the writing community. Once all that is taken care off she is free to go, leave Perth and head for the Northern Territory, into that red dust that finds it’s was into every nook and cranny of skin and motorhome, this journey is not only about her experiences on the road, its a journey of emotional growth, letting go of the old and embracing the new.

The Cuppa tree is a novel with tongue in cheek humour, Tara’s love of experiencing the unusual which she attracts in abundance on this journey of adventure. The scenery of Coober Pedy, the Painted Desert, billabongs, the now green forests of once burnt trees, as Tara heals in her heart  which is still rocked by her husbands death, she also lets go of her family in Perth, realising she can only do so much for them, the time had come for them to grow up. She realises that some chances only come by once, the question is does she take this chance by the hand or drive away.  Kez-Web

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