Sorcha, the first of the Scribe Chronicles, follows the journey of the lead character Tara, an accomplished and celebrated author, who is herself at somewhat of a crossroads in life. 

Tara is being drawn into the spirit realm with desperate pleas to act as a scribe, for those that could not tell their story before they passed over. 

Finally and only after an ancient Maori protection ceremony, insisted upon by friends, Tara is at last ready to accept the invitations she has been receiving.

Her connection initially is with one particular tormented spirit Sorcha, who’s heartbreaking and harrowing story needs to be shared. 

Tormented and unwanted for being disfigured, finding her calling and solace in herbalism, only to be brutalised in unspeakable ways and her tongue ripped out to ensure her silence.
Sorcha’s story will now be told, as she entrusts Tara to scribe her journey, from babe to adult, her tragic short life finally atoned.  

Join Tara as she delves deeper into Sorcha’s life in the 1800’s, whilst riding the rollercoaster that is life in the 21st Century. Battling her own demons and the responsibility she now feel to ensure Sorcha’s life is adequately documented in the only way she knows how, through her writing.

Let the adventure begin…

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