Indigo Child


Indigo Child, is the second instalment of the Scribe Chronicles, following the journey of the lead character Tara, an accomplished and celebrated author, as she navigates herself through life in two realms.

Tara is being drawn into the spirit realm with desperate pleas to act as a scribe, for those that could not tell their story before they passed over. After an ancient Maori protection ceremony, insisted upon by friends, Tara is no accepting the invitations she has been receiving, but at what cost.

Her second connection initially is with a mysterious young boy who has somehow become entangled with the terrible and macabre Indigos. The same Indigo’s Tara met on her previous journey in Sorcha. The very same indigo’s who desperately want Tara to join them, at any cost.

For reasons known only to himself, the young boy Keoloni will only meet with Tara at a venue and time of his own choosing. What could his story be, why the shroud of secrecy and possible deception, is there more to this young soul than meets the eye.

And what of Tanby, has she really forsaken Tara?

What of Tara’s own fate, can she survive another encounter with the Indigo’s?

The adventure awaits…

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