Kez the Author

A published author for some seventeen years, my genre is Romance Thrillers which in the last few years have taken a leap into the Paranormal.

Having written four full novels, White Wahine, Metal Mermaid, The Cuppa Tree and The Talking Stick, which I am internationally published as eBooks through Indie publishers in the UK. I’ve been with my current publisher, Picardie Press for four years now and together we have published five books, Three novels,  Sorcha, Indigo Child and Tanby collectively called the Scribe Chronicles and Two children’s books, Sea Pea and Peli the Pelican. With Picardie Presses guidance and support I’m going from strength to strength.

With my writing, I use my own experiences, plus the tales told by others I’ve encountered during my extensive travels, to and around many different countries, as the inspiration for my romance thrillers, that I’ve become so recognised for.

With Sorcha, the first book of the Scribe Chronicles, I travel to another world, a whole new and exciting realm and haven’t looked back.

As I mention in my art section I’ve travelled to many exotic places, met and dined with many people in all walks of life, from desert campfires to a small fishing village in Lombok or custard filled croissants under the Eiffel tower Paris to a hangi in New Zealand. all adding to the creative stories for my books & art.

Another of my passions is mentoring and tutoring other authors  to realise their dreams through publishing and creative writing for both adults and children.

I’m absolutely loving my life!

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