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Gently, slowly, I passed through soft layers of silky clouds, no longer with shape or form, but a small kernel of light, still with the senses of sight and sound, I lingered on the fringe of a storm, the grey clouds swirling around me like a Crones cape of dark mystery, watched in awe as blinding blue green and orange light flicked its angry tongue across the sky, its voice a sizzling crackle, ending in a deep booming roar. I watched a rainbow form, its colours so vibrant it stained the sky with a mauve fingerprint of a promise once given in a holy testament. I watched as the Dawn sun spread its tangerine petticoat over the earth, its yellowed fingers painting the tops of snow-capped mountains with gold. I felt part of all I witnessed, for me, there was no time, no limit, no demands, I was simply allowed to be.

In wonder I watched as the sky turned the deepest ink blue, the cosmos of planets soaring above and beyond. The Aurora wrapped around me like a multi coloured shawl its colours of green yellow and mauve, lifting me up in its billowing waves, leading me onwards. Earth shimmered in deep greens and azure blues, I was amongst an essay of colour so vibrant there is no description. A feeling of being called shivered through me, on I travelled, who I once was had melted away, the timeless silence surrounding me, my spirit soared free of all claims to what I had once been, free of any trauma or earthly hindrances we all share on earth, free of any human traits…..

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