Annette Stanton


Annette Stanton is a keynote international speaker specialising in transformational leadership. Known for her passionate, authentic and high-powered stage presence, Annette is inspirational, engaging and interactive. Her enthusiasm for sharing powerful messages that increases leadership consciousness globally, naturally inspires audiences everywhere.

Annette knows the vital components when it comes to inspirational leadership and creating powerful teams who are passionate about leading from the heart, ultimately winning in business and winning in life.

With a national sporting background as a World Masters Gold Medalist, Annette has unlocked the secrets to the winning formula that high-level sporting champions utilise, which consistently drives and motivates them to achieve higher levels of performance, and how this is aligned with business and organisational success.

Annette believes that everyone has a champion within just waiting to be unleashed so you can finally live your full potential. Are you being the champion in your whole life? Discover the sporting champion secrets and create your own winning formula to high achievement and success.

Annette was forced to re-evaluate her whole life when being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, which affected her business, whilst going through a divorce at the same time.

Annette’s new commitment was to design a life and business she loved based on her heart’s vision and values.

Over the past 15 years, Annette has turned her life around from striving for high-achieving success that was short-lived to thriving with authentic connection, purposeful success and fulfilling relationships.

With a national sporting background and being a World Masters Champion, a highly accomplished business leader, master coach and the author of the world-renowned book, The Power of Vision. Today Annette helps turn cultures, companies, and communities around as she shares The 7 Secrets to Personal, Business & Financial Freedom for real success.

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Zeeshan Pasha


Zeeshan Pasha based in Perth; Australia is the founding CEO of Nifnex and a personal branding ambassador with a strong focus on strategy and marketing. A heart centered entrepreneur has a global vision to empower the small business community globally though the Influential 100 Awards which is estimated to impact over 11,000 entrepreneurs in 22 Cities globally with a million of their friends, family, staff and peers collectively in 22 Weeks.

He has built a strong reputation for entrepreneurship, helping businesses and connecting them to mutually benefit from each other. He credits the success to the power of personal branding, strategy and ‘thinking outside the square’ marketing which leads to enormous community support and his vision to empower.

He now spends his time, organizing global awards, educational and networking events at Nifnex Success Academy and coaches business people on their personal branding strategy.

Sylvia Marina


Sylvia Marina is known for her ability to engage and inspire audiences.

My focus is re-connecting people to their entelechy, wisdom and values.

I work with private clients, present short affordable seminars plus longer deeper workshops and retreats. I mentor people who wish to catapult themselves into getting quicker, lasting results. What’s compelling is how grand the results have been as a result of connecting you to the ‘heart energy’ of your life and your business.
It’s beautiful to see people “Getting The Results They Want” in all areas of their life.

Conference Speaker

Audiences love her voice, speaking style, honesty, enthusiasm, insight, and energy. A wife, mother and business woman, Sylvia’s message speaks to people who intend to live lives of meaning, contribution, joy, wealth and achievement.


Of 6 books, Sylvia is also the designer and creator of several relaxation and meditation CD’s and audio training programs, Sylvia constantly updates her programs.

Her expertise is educating people to be self responsible, empowering and inspiring change.

Hands on Experience:

  • Conference Speaker, Natural Medicine, Behavioural Science, Wholistic Management, Physiognomy plus an additional 19 complementary methodologies.
  • Founder, Touch For Health Association of West Australia WA – changed to AKAWA, Australian Kinesiology Association of WA Inc.
  • Founding Member AKA, Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.
  • Honorary MC and Presenter, Balya Health Retreats for Cancer Patients & Carers in West Australia and Singapore – 6 years
  • Youth Swap (Students With A Purpose) and the I’m Special Program working with youth, building self esteem, social skills and life journey practicalities – 10 years
  • Chair, International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
  • Chair, Business SWAP WA.
  • Chair, Business Women Today Inc.


Fellow (Hon) Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.
Fellow Business Swap International
Fellow & Honorary Life Member Business Swap WA
2014 & 2015 Awarded Influential Person of the Year within Perth’s Small Business Community
2016 Leader of Influence Award Within Perth’s Small Business Community
2016 Global Soulful Communicator Award.

Executive Director:

International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
Business Swap WA Inc
Business Women Today Inc

Accredited Professional Member: 

Australian Traditional Medicine Society Inc -ATMS #0778
International Association Specialized Kinesiologists-IASK
Touch For Health Instructor’s Association – TFHIA

Business Swap WA Inc
International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
Business Women Today Inc
WA Marae Inc.

Past Accredited Member:
National Speakers Association


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Bronwen Sciortino


Bronwen Sciortino is an Author, Simplicity Expert and Professional Speaker who spent almost two decades as a high powered, award winning executive in an industry that crushed her soul before experiencing a life changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’

Answering this question took her on a journey of discovery that gave her the knowledge and wisdom to write ‘Keep It Super Simple -Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’ and to develop the ‘Keep It Super Simple‘ Principles and step away from a traditional life.

Bronwen is passionate about showing people there is a very different way of living life – driven by the power of lifting consciousness, waking people up and increasing self- compassion world-wide. Bronwen believes in the positive impact that communities can have globally, and that the best is yet to come! She is living proof that aligning your life with your value system is critical to decreasing stress, building resilience and embracing change.

Bronwen now spends every day working with people globally through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment where she shares her secrets to success and inspires individuals to simplify their lives and embrace the concept of an economy of enough.

Bronwyn can help you find a better way to live, visit the Website to see how! Keynote Speaking, Workshops and Professional Mentoring. There’ll be an option to suit your needs.

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